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Nature Outgrowing Man-made Structures

Mother Nature is too strong. Men has been depleting its resources and damaging the environment for ages. The scientists believe that nature cannot be contained, it outgrows everything, even concrete walls, cars and rail-tracks. They also believe that if Earth is given time to heal, it will go back to its centuries old form in short span of time. Here are some pictures that prove it right.
Its Just Too Natural
If you have that kind of a Drawing Room, please bring your guests from back-door.
 Drawing Room

The Lord Abandoned Me

We are all for greenery and vegetation but inside a Church.

Are Those the Green-cars Government has been talking about

These cars could be used for military purposes, these will provide better camouflage.

Journey To the Center of The Jungle

This view is amazing but it will be even more interesting to see what's inside that tunnel.

A House in the Woods

These people have taken fairy tales quite seriously. Living in a forest, atop hill sounds good for a while but growing a forest around you is just too much.

Grew Up on Music

Either the Piano seems deliberately cut tO fit around the tree or it was really fond of music.

Clear See-Through Waters

Close your eyes and Jump inside, don't think, feel the nature. Don't worry, you won't remember anything for a while.

Track of Beauty

That's just plain beautiful. A ride through this track will freshen the senses.

I Wood-not Use This Track

It will be better to take the road.
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