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World's Most Astonishing Greenhouses

Earlier Greenhouses served one purpose alone, to grow plants with adequate supply of sunlight but now the architects have taken a step further and decided to make them attractive to look at. One look at these glasshouses will make you want to live in them.
Architecture of Greenhouses The Pyramid Shaped Muttart
 Muttart Conservatory greenhouses
The pyramid shaped Muttart Conservatory in Alberta was built by architect Peter Hemingway in 1976. a modern contrast to the surrounding prairie.

Bicentennial Conservatory

the Bicentennial Conservatory Built in 1988, at Australia Adelaide Botanic Garden is a public garden at the north-east corner of the Adelaide city centre, in the Adelaide Park Lands contemporary take on a greenhouse.

The Beautiful Palm House Denmark in Copenhagen

The Palm House, part of the Botanic Garden at the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, was built by Carlsberg Breweries founder J. C. Jacobsen in 1874. Designed in the Victorian style, the structure took its inspiration from the Crystal Palace, an iron-and-glass structure erected in London in 1851 to house the World's Fair

A Haupt Conservatory Beautiful Greenhouse

The Victorian-style Enid A. Haupt Conservatory at the New York Botanical Garden boasts a 90-foot-high central Palm Court and 11 interconnected galleries, which house different habitats Situated around two outdoor courtyard pools,the greenhouse measures 400 feet long and contains 17,000 panes of glass. Completed in 1902

Drivhus Bruxelles

in 1873. Architect Alphonse Balat built a complex of greenhouses for Belgian King Leopold II. With its glass cupolas and soaring pavilions, it springs up like a glass city from the Brussels landscape.

The Botanical Garden Greenhouses of Curitiba

In 1991. construct The greenhouses in the Botanical Garden of Curitiba in southern Brazil resemble the glass palaces of 19th-century France.

A Palm House Most Beautiful Greenhouses Architecture

A palm house is a greenhouse that is specialised designs of these glass buildings for the growing of palms and other tropical and subtropical plants. Palm houses require constant heat and were built as status symbols in Victorian Britain.the Palm House at Schönbrunn Palace Park in Vienna takes the cake as the largest glass house in continental Europe.

Beautiful greenhouses smukkeste drivhuse

The angular glass facade of the Tropicarium at Frankfurt's Botanical Garden Beautiful Greenhouses Around The World

Temperate House

The Temperate House opened in 1862 an internationally important collection of temperate zone plants.
Content Source: architecturaldigest
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