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Lilac chaser illusion

Lilac Chaser illusion is a visual illusion where 12 Lilac colored blurred discs are arranged in a circle. There is a small black cross in the center and the background is Grey. If a person looks at the image for more than 5 seconds, he could see a disappearing sequence running around the discs in clockwise direction

visual motion experiments

The illusion was created by vision expert Jeremy Hinton in 2005. While running some visual motion experiments, Jeremy wastrying to move a disc around in a circular pattern but forgot to omit the preceding disc, which created the illusion of a gap moving around. He noticed a green gap going around.

 Architecture inspired by the cafe wall illusion

Human eyes work in a way

Human eyes work in a way, where if we see an object in one place and then in a different place nearby, the object appearsto be in motion. The green color gap that appears to be running around the circle is the afterimage, which is the result of absence of a stimulus. The disappearance of lilac discs is due to Troxler fading and the phenomenon is known as phiphenomenon.


References : wikipedia

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