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25 Trips You Should Take While You Are Alive

If the world were a village, would you not want to explore every street and house of the village? World is beautiful and is worth looking at, well at least some places more than others. There are vast deserts, icy caps, deep waters, clear blue skies, high grounds and damp marshes around the globe. These are like those spices in a dish, where not one is enough. Following are few of such places one should see before shutting those eyes forever.


This region of southeastern France is filled with lavender fields, sleepy fishing villages, Roman ruins, and so many scenic vistas it’s hard to know where to point your camera next. This is also the place for some of the country’s best antiques shopping, wine tasting, and dining—whether at a family-run mas (farmhouse) restaurant, a Michelin-starred temple to haute cuisine, or a DIY picnic of Provençal staples from a local farmers’ market.


A magical land of palaces and temples, India’s largest state holds the keys to the country’s most glamorous past. Jaipur, the region’s storied capital, is a strong shot of color and history: it has the 16th-century Amber Fort, the lacy Palace of the Winds, and shops full of precious stones, including Royal Gems & Arts.


If there were ever a place that could get by on its looks, it would be this Greek isle. Whitewashed cave houses framed by bougainvillea and backed by blue-domed churches spill down the rim of an ancient volcanic crater; at sunset, the Sea of Crete is bathed in a rosy glow.


When it comes to Asian megalopolises, Tokyo falls into a category of its own: few cities offer such a dizzying array of restaurants (more than 80,000), luxurious lodging, vibrant nightlife, and legendary shopping, all set against a rich cultural backdrop.

Zambia Safari

Exploring the “lost city” of Petra, a walking safari in Zambia, a cruise to Antarctica: This isn’t your average trip. Take your family vacation to the next level with 25 destinations worthy of your bucket-list.
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