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Fighter Planes-The Glorious Metal Birds Of The Sky

Who Doesn't Wants To Fly High In The Sky, Like Birds. Humans could not contain this everlasting desire of theirs and thus Airplanes were designed to take them to unimaginable heights. Over the years, these metal birds underwent several transformations. While some planes are used to carry passengers, other are used to carry supplies and some are widely used in warfare. Here are some of the images of such lethal flying machines.

Small Eyes, Big Dreams

This Model Aircraft tells the story of how it all began.

 Model Airplane

The Master of the Sky

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III is a large military transport aircraft used to carry heavy items along. Globemaster has a huge body and often considered the master of the sky.

Delta Wings

The Delta Series Bombers are quite lethal in terms of Speed and the way it could dodge most Radors.

Double Decker Wingwalker

Double Decker Wingwalker are usually used for stunts

Fighter Amid Clouds

A Fighter Plane Flying Over The Clouds, Under The Moon

Raptor in Flight

Lockheed Martin F-22 is nicknamed Raptor for its unmatchable speed and stealth attack capabilities.

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