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Feel The Beauty of Nature : Super Moon in Pictures

# 1 :Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane Australia moon
A supermoon sets over the Skyline early Morning.
# 2 : Cape Town, South Africa
Cape South Africa moon
Families watch the Supermoon rising over the Cedarberg Mountains.
# 3 :Athens, Greece
Athens Greece moon
The Full Moon rises through the Propylaia of the Ancient Acropolis Hill.
# 4 :Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Dar Salaam Tanzania moon
People watch the Supermoon Rising.
# 5 :Nagykanisza, Hungary
Nagykanisza Hungary moon
The so-called Super Full Moon shining in the Sky above the town, 208 kms southwest of Budapest
# 6 :New York City, New York
New York moon
Two bBrds Fly by the Supermoon as it sets behind a Building under construction over the Hudson River.
# 7 :Rome, Italy
Rome Italy moon
A full Moon Rises over Rome’s Skyline.
# 8 :Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles California moon
A Virgin America Airlinespassenger plane flies in front of the full moon on its way to LAX airport.
# 9 :Berlin, Germany
Berlin Germany moon red
The blood-red moon rises above the city.
# 10 :Fremantle, Australia
Fremantle Australia hill moon
Crowds look on as the supermoon rises behind the Fremantle War Memorial at Monument Hill.
# 11 :Nuremberg, Germany
Nuremberg Germany moon alongside
The moon alongside the Kaiserburg castle.
# 12 :Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Turkey supermoon
The supermoon is seen over the Galata tower.
# 13 :Utah, US
Utah US moon rises
A nearly full moon rises above the Valley of the Gods near Mexican Hat.
# 14 :London, UK
moon rises london uk
The moon rises behind a cable car in the Docklands.
# 15 :Virginia, US
Virginia US moon
The moon rises over downtown Washington DC on the eve of peak supermoon.
# 16 :San Juan, Argentina
San Juan moom
A couple take a picture of the supermoon rising over Ischigualasto provincial park.
# 17 :Cordoba, Spain
Cordoba Spain moon rises
The moon rises behind the castle of Almodóvar.
# 18 :Somerset, UK
moon rises near glastonbury
The moon rises near Glastonbury a day before the supermoon spectacle.
# 19 :Illinois, US
Illinois US moon rises
The moon rises over the Chicago Harbour Light on the eve of the peak supermoon.
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