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This Woman Paid Over $10,000 To Look Like A Disney Princess

Disney Princess
A lot of little kids like to impersonate their favorite television and movie characters. It's natural. But usually this hobby fades away as we grow into our teen years, and eventually, into adults. However, one girl never let this passion get away from her. In fact, she's paid thousands of dollars to keep it alive
Meet Sarah Ingle, the 25-year-old girl who has paid over $10 000 to look like a Disney princess
Sarah Ingle Disney Princess
Sarah works as a marketing manager during the day, but when she's not in the office, she enjoys dressing up like her favorite Disney characters. And you better believe she takes it seriously. She spends hours getting dressed up as characters like Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and many other famous princesses
In total, Sarah has 17 different outfits and 16 different wigs...
Disney Princess Outfits
Here she is as Ariel from Disney's
Ariel Disney Princess
And here she is as fan favorite Elsa from
Desney Princess Pics
She's dressed up as Snow White...
Snow White Deseney Princess
Diseny Princess Belle
Let's not forget about Rapunzel!
She's even dressed up as Anna from
Anna Dressed Of Diseny Princess
Each dress takes around six months to make, and consists of materials from all over the world!
 Dress Designe at Diseny Princess
But it's well worth it, because this is what Sarah loves to do!
Diseney impersonations
In fact, she's so good at her Disney impersonations that she's recently opened a business called which specialized in Disney impersonators!
Diseny Princess Selfi
I guess it is possible to turn your passion into a career!
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