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Malaysian Artist Creates Fluffy Cats Using Just Ink And The Result Looks Hauntingly Beautiful

Artist Kamwei Fong painstakingly creates these textured, fluffy black cats, using only fine-line pen. The illustrations, a series called The Furry Thing, are the gorgeous end product of a technique that requires a great deal of skill and patience. The cats are crafted in such a way that each one displays a unique, playful personality, which is testament to the skill of the Malaysian artist. Kamwei makes similar works using the same technique to create a variety of animals, such as monkeys, puppies, and Bo the Goldfish, a minimalist and peace-evoking character through which Kamwei aims to “encourage and uplift people to become more optimistic about life.”

 A group of furry round cats

Fluffy and playful cats

Fluffy and playful cats that drew by Malaysian Artist Kamwei Fong

Textured fluffy black cats

Creates these textured fluffy black cats using only fine line pen...

Draw cats drawing with tons of tiny Furry Thing...

Draw those cats by shading with tons of tiny Furry Thing

playful personality

These Cats drawing are crafted in such a way that each one displays a unique, playful personality.....

Adorably Fluffy Black Cats

Black ink creates a fluffy black cat

"The Furry Thing

fluffy black cats....

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