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Cafe wall illusion

Cafe wall illusion is one kind of an geometrical optical illusion. A picture where parallel horizontal lines are dividing a zig-zag pattern of simultaneous Black and White boxes. This pattern creates an illusion where the parallel lines appear to be sloped.

Origin of Cafe wall illusion

It is called Cafe Wall Illusion because the effect was observed on the lower end of a wall in a cafe in Bristol. A similar illusion was discovered in 1898 as Kindergarten illusion and later rediscovered by British psychologist Richard Gregory in 1973.

 cafe wall illusion the horizontal lines

Theory of Cafe wall illusion

Scientists believe that the slanting appearance of parallel lines is due to the reaction of neurons and their perception of light and dark colors. When there is a color contrast across the grout line, there is possibility of asymmetry around the area where color patterns change.

Verification of Cafe wall illusion

It was observed that if the Grey lines separating the boxes are exchanged with Black lines, the illusion diminishes to some extent. Alternatively if a scale is used along with the lines and moved parallelly across it, the parallel nature of lines could be easily seen. There is another theory which says that if the black and white color boxes are replaced by boxes of different colors of similar contrast, the illusion fades to some extent.

References : wikipedia

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