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Best Illusions That Will Play Tricks With Your Head

At Times Our Mind Tends to Play Tricks with us and sometimes other people play tricks with our minds. Our mind works in a peculiar manner, it makes us see what it wants us to see. Strawberies are Red but what if you find a picture of grey strawberies. Well, your brain will still process it as having Red color because that is how it was when the last time you saw strawberies. Here are some of the optical illusions that have gone viral on the Internet and taken people by surprise.

Friendship Means Sharing Things..but Legs ?

There Are Six Girls Sitting on the couch but there are only five pair of legs. Scared yet ? No matter how many theories have been put up to arrange legs in order, there appears to be only five pair of those.
Image Source: RedditUploads

Blue Or Golden Or White....or Black

Someone bought this dress, clicked a photo and posted it on the internet, well why not, that is what Internet is for, right. Now the owner of this beautiful dress wants people to tell what color the dress is. Most people who took the survey thought that it is a Golden-White dress. If you think its golden white, you are wrong. The dress is colored Blue and Black.
Image Source: KnowYourMeme

An Eye For A Palm

Don't Worry Her Eyes Are perfectly alright. This artist has beautfully drawn an eye the back of her palm. If you watch from a distance, you would actually wonder if she has grown an eye on her palm. Quite an illusion.
Image Source: Instagram

Berries Gone Bad ?

If You Are Asked What is The Color Of The Strawberies, You Would Think Its an Stupid Question, Of Course They Are Red. But here's the trick, This picture is ....actually...grey. Shocked ? That's your mind playing games with you. Your brain knows that you recognize stwarberries in red and so it makes you think they are Red, even when the picture is grey.
Image Source: Twitter

Illusion of Lengths

This Person was playing with his kid's toy train when he discovered that these two pieces of tracks appear to have different lenghts. Well, he is wrong. These track pieces are exactly the same size. When this person kept one track piece on another, it fitted perfectly, not an inch in or out. Scientists are not clear on the science behind it but tend to tell that our brain is not good at measuring curvatures and so it thinks objects of same lengh have different measurements. No, please don't go and buy a Toy train now, you're a grown up.
Image Source: Twitter

Cat With A Hole

This picture looks cute and why not, there's a cat walking around a desert.. (why though) but there's the trick, if you look closely you would see that her belly appears to have a see-through hole. The brownish patches on her skin are the same color as the sand and it looks as if the cat has a hole down her belly.
Image Source: Twitter

Spot A Dot

Here's a picture of....something, with lots of boxes and zig-zagged lines. If you look closely, you would frequently see some dots appearing and disappearing. If you focus better, you could possibly see many dots at the same time but scientists tell that it is impossible to see all 12 dots at a time.
Image Source: Twitter
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