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Beautiful moments with camera

Photos Will Make You Want To Quit Your Job And Travel The World.All Taken images are also well Explained by Photographer "​ Magnus Dovlind"
#1 Love of nature
Love of nature
With this shot, I was trying to show my gratitude towards nature in both funny and serious ways.
#2 Last Light
Last light
I was walking along this river on the first day of snow when I found this little red cabin in the woods. Luckily, the sun was setting right behind it.
#3 First snow
First snow
In this shot I wanted the viewer to experience the feeling that I felt standing by the road, like they could touch the snowflakes. I set the focus at 5 feet and the shutterspeed at 1/1000 to vring out the snowflakes.
#4 Red
Fell in love with the Swedish nature Red
Often I like to work with selective color, or splashing. This way I try to make objects pop out and create a certain calm to the photo. This shot is taken while it’s raining.
#5 Swedish woods
Swedish woods
This is taken just when the morning light pierces through the trees and every little spiderweb gets illuminated.
#6 Calm waters
Calm waters
Late evening at one of my favourite spots. A goose family has settled for the night.
#7 The Shed
The shed
This old shed is a favourite of mine, I’ve taken shots of it in different weather and seasons. I love the rusty roof and the patina of the walls, for me there’s both something sad and beautiful with old buildings.
#8 Highland cattle
Highland cattle
#9 Evening Mist
Evening mist
#10 Snowy Bokeh
Snowy bokeh
#11 Autumn Road
Autumn road
#12 Morning Mist
Morning mist
#13 Lost and Found
Lost and found
#14 The Road
The road
#15 Calmness
Calmness Swedish nature
#16 Boat Trip Ahead
Boat trip ahead
#17 Anyone Who Built These Boats As a Child?
Anyone built boats child
#18 Winter’s Night
Winters night
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