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Barberpole illusion

Barberpole Illusion is an visual illusion that shows the misinterpretation of visual motion in human brain. When a pole with diagonal stripes on it is rotated around its vertical axis, it appears as if the stripes are moving down along the vertical axis rather than moving around the pole.

Aperture problem animated

This illusion occurs because a bar or contour within a frame of reference provides ambiguous information about its "real" direction of movement. The actual motion of the line has many possibilities. The shape of the aperture thus tends to determine the perceived direction of motion for an otherwise identically moving contour.

 Aperture problem animated

Barber pole

American Psychologist J. P. Guilford observed that a pole outside a barber's shop is moving on its vertical axis but the Black and White stripes on the pole appear to be moving upwards, instead of moving with the pipe. Then in 1935, German-American psychologist Hans Wallach, conducted a series of experiments trying to explain the phenomenon.

 Barber pole

Barberpole illusion animated

While in case of vertically stretched aperture appears to make vertical motion and horizontally stretched aperture appears to make horizontal motion, in case of circular aperture, the moves is normally orthogonal, to the orientation of the stripes. Shepard's tone, an auditory illusion has a similar effect. A mechanical screw converts rotational motion into linear motion.

Barberpole illusion animated

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