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Animals and Insects That Have Mastered The Art Of Camouflage

Most Predators do not need to hide themselves but the ones being hunted sometimes are so vulnerable to attacks that they need to camouflage themselves. Over the years, some animals, reptiles and insects have mastered the art of camouflage. They become part of their surroundings and become almost invisible to naked eye.

The Ever Colorful Chameleon

When It Comes To Adapting To The Surroundings and hiding oneself, Chameleon comes first


Green Tree Python

Green Tree Pythons are mainly found around the Equitorial forests of New Guinea and Indonesia. The dense green forests make it almost impossible to identify this reptile and this property helps it catch its prey easily, also helps it stay safe from possible predators.

Icelandic Snow Fox

As the name suggests, Iceland is covered in Ice and snow and this White cover proves to be very beneficial for Snow Foxes that live here. Their Snow White Skin helps them easily blend with the surroundings.

Grey Owl

Grey Owl is considered the largest of all Owl species and its Grey color makes it look like part of the tree trunk.

African Lions

Lions that live in the African plains have the same color as the long bushes and the sand. Lions are the largest and most ferocious predators of Africa and their skin color has always helped them take advantage of closing in on the prey.


Phylliidae or Leaf Bug, as they are otherwise called, are among the best masters of camouflage. It is difficult to tell a Phylliidae apart from a leaf. Next Time you eat a leafy vegetable, just make sure its....fresh, yes fresh...what were you thinking..

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