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Amazing Travel Photos of the Year 2017

As we all know Travel is a Movement of people between relatively distant geographical location, Some of place consider to be luxury or even unnecessary burden but that makes mesmerise human.The world is full of wondrous places.Following are few of such places one should see before shutting those eyes forever.


On the edge of Lake Ohrid, a Greek Orthodox shrine hides inside a bunker in Lin.


The Harmony of the Seas features several multistory waterslides, including the tallest one at sea.


Chilean cowboys known as baqueanos have a deep connection to nature and treat their horses with a parental tenderness.


This large winged sculpture in Podgarić holds a crypt with the remains of hundreds of Partisan soldiers who died while being treated at nearby hospitals.


Harar’s old town is a maze of alleys lined with colorful walls.


The northern lights stream down above Kirkjufell mountain in Iceland’s Snæfellsnes Peninsula.


A food vendor squeezes through the congested second class compartment on the Vivek train.


Uncommon in mosques, the stained glass windows of Iran's Nasir al Molk in Shiraz illuminate its Persian carpets with a kaleidoscope of patterned flecks of light.


Two men work hard on a fishing boat docked in the village of Howth, a penninsula east of Dublin.
Content Source: nationalgeographic
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