Dogs Who Wish They Were Human

#1 Dogue
Sorry, Vogue is a fashion magazine for humans, but nice try!
dogue wish
#2 Pampered Pooch
This diva dog thinks she belongs in her plush pink robe and spa sandals, but who is she kidding, she still walks on 4 paws...
dogue 1
#3 Yoga Dog
Downward facing dog makes sense but this looks more like cobra pose? Namaste.
yoga dog
#4 Wine for Frenchies
This pup looks so sad that he can't indulge in his owner's chilled glass of chardonnay.
pup looks
#5 Pajama Pup
Cuter than the cat's pajamas! Dogs have no real need for any type of clothing, especially for sleeping.
pajama pup
#6 Living Large
Few chihuahuas reach celebrity status, but this little guy is rocking it like a Hilton sister.
living large
#7 Table for Two
Most restaurants don't take reservations for poodles, but a dog can dream..
table for tow
#8 Proofreading Pup
If only dogs could actually check our work! Author Daniel Allen's dog poses here in his reading classes.
proofreading pup
#9 Kitchen Paws
Most human guests don't want to help out in the kitchen but this dog has both paws on the stove and an apron around her waist, ready to get cooking!
kitchen paws
#10 Preppy Pup
Preppy humans are dapper enough, but this dog has outdone himself with the cardigan and button up look.
preppy pup
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