Pics Of Dogs And Their Owners Growing Up Together

#1 Guy Recreates Photo With His Dog 15 Years Later To Say Goodbye
Guy Recreates Dog Later Goodbye
#2 The First And Last Night With My Pup. Rest In Peace
First And Last Pup Rest In Peace
#3 15 Years Later Still Best Friends
Years Later Still Best Friends
#4 3 Years Of Friendship
Years Of Friendship
#5 Someone Dear To Me Passed Away Today. This Is My Best Friend Genevieve, On The First Day We Met, And The Last Day
Someone Dear Best Friend First Day Met
#6 Vitalijus And Rex 7 Years Apart
Vitalijus Rex Years Apart
#7 True Love, 13 Years Later
True Love 13 Years
#8 My Dog And I, 1998 And 2012
My Dog
#9 11 Years Makes A Big Difference
Years Makes Big
#10 Before And After
Before And After dog
#11 This Is Brandy And I On Her First Birthday, And 14 Years Later On Her Fifteenth
Brandy First Birthday Fifteenth
#12 Best Friends Since 1997
Best Friends Since
#13 The Day We Got Our Puppy, And 11 Years Later
Got Puppy 11 Years Later
#14 And In Between, 13 Years Of The Best Dog A Kid Could Ever Have
Best Dog Kid Could Ever
#15 First 9 Months Together
First 9 Months Together
#16 My Dog Midas And Myself After A Decade Together
My Dog Midas Decade Together
#17 My Best Friend For The Past 15 Years
My Best Friend Past 15 Years
#18 I Had To Put My First Dog Down After 14 Years Of Wonderful Companionship, Rip Docker
Dog Down Wonderful companionship
#19 My 15 Year Friendship! Meet Monty
Friendship Meet Monty
#20 My Lifelong Companion And Friend, 2001 And 2014
My Lifelong Companion
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